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Who needs to attend a course?

All individuals who carry out a role in regulated activity / regulated work must attend an approved safeguarding workshop. The only exception to this rule is for:

  • First aiders who will only require a disclosure check, and,
  • Those at residential camps where each night a minimum of two of the overnight supervisors must have attended an approved safeguarding workshop.

It is strongly recommended that any other persons carrying out regulated activity / regulated work on an overnight basis at residential camps should also attend an approved safeguarding workshop.

What course do I need to attend?

The Pony Club offers two safeguarding courses:

  1. Safeguarding for Equestrians (face to face)
  2. Equestrian Advanced Safeguarding (online refresher)

The first approved safeguarding workshop attended must be face to face. This may be followed three years later by the online refresher course. However, as a minimum, individuals should attend a face to face course every six years.

Upcoming Courses

Safeguarding for Equestrians (face to face) - click here (scroll down to the bottom)

Equestrian Advanced Safeguarding (online refresher) - click here

Pre-approved Courses

The Pony Club has a network of Safeguarding Trainers who deliver the BEF’s Safeguarding for Equestrians workshop. This course is also offered by other BEF member bodies, e.g. the BHS and RDA.


The Pony Club has a list of pre-approved courses that can be attended in place of the BEF Safeguarding for Equestrians course. These include:

  • UK Coaching: Safeguarding and Protecting Children
  • SportScotland: Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport
  • SportScotland: In Safe Hands
  • Sport Ireland: Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Sport
  • CPSU Time to Listen
  • NSPCC courses (depending on the level)
  • Designated Lead Officer 3-day courses offered by your Local Authority

Can I use my safeguarding course from another organisation?

Any individual who has attended a safeguarding workshop, other than those on the pre-approved list, can apply for their prior learning to be taken into consideration by completing an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) form. This form can be downloaded from the website and should be submitted along with a copy of the certificate of attendance and course content details (e.g. list of topics or copy of presentation / handout). The Pony Club will aim to acknowledge receipt within 7 days. This will be considered by The Pony Club’s Central Safeguarding Team and the individual will be informed of the decision and the reasons for making it within 14 days after that.

Organising Courses

Safeguarding workshops will be organised on a bi-annual basis to evenly spread course availability across the UK. Courses require a minimum of 15 attendees to run. These courses will be advertised on The Pony Club website and Area websites. Courses will need to be fully booked before any additional courses are organised.

Where additional courses are required Areas, Branches and Centres can apply to host a Safeguarding for Equestrians course. All costs are managed by The Pony Club Office, including collecting booking payments and covering Safeguarding Tutor’s fees and travel expenses.

All additional safeguarding workshops must:

  • Have a booking form completed (see Downloads section)
  • Be registered with The Pony Club Office at least 4 weeks before the course date
  • Be delivered by an approved Safeguarding Tutor
  • Have an attendance sheet signed by all delegates and returned within 7 days of the workshop

Due to the nature of the content, there is a minimum age limit of 16 years for attendees. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Safeguarding Workshop Booking Form 2020
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