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Ensuring the correct first aid cover is an important aspect of Pony Club activities, as there will always be the potential for injury when handling and riding horses. It is important that a risk assessment is undertaken to determine the first aid cover required, the First Aid matrix can assist with this.

You will find guidance and downloads for medical cover, including first aid provision and consent forms along with the response to a rider receiving concussion, below. Further details are contained the First Aid section in the Health & Safety Rule Book.

The Pony Club identified the need for suitably trained First Aiders to support Pony Club Activities, the courses/ training to mee this need are: 

Type of Course

Length of Course

Requalification Period

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)*

The training and assessment should be at least six hours (not including breaks) over a minimum period of one day

3 years

BHS First Aid

Gained at two-day course / one-day refresher course

2 years

First Aid at Work (FAW)*

The training and assessment should be at least 18 hours (not including breaks) over a minimum period of three days

3 years


As a minimum requirement there must be a Trained First Aider at events.


All First Aid Courses MUST have been completed through Face to Face Delivery to complete with the Pony Club requirements


Along with the mandatory first aid course content required by the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981, The Pony Club also recommends that the training of all first aiders includes an element of paediatric basic life support and injury training.

All first aid training must be delivered by a credible/reputable organisation that is able to demonstrate that:
▶ Their trainers meet the required standards
▶ The course meets the HSE content requirements
▶ It is delivered over the minimum teaching time
▶ A quality assurance process is in place.


Credible organisations should be able to demonstrate this compliance when asked.
All first aiders must hold an up-to-date disclosure check (DBS, PVG or Access NI).

Coaches are required to have the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification (EFAW) as a minimum to be entered on The Pony Club Coaches’ records on PELHAM.

First Aid Matrix and Rule
First Aid Matrix
PDF - 284 kB
First Aid Rule 2023
PDF - 129 kB

Concussion and Head Injury

Concussion is defined as a disturbance in brain function caused by a direct or indirect blow to the head. Some people describe concussion as mild traumatic brain injury.

Medical attention should be sought immediately. Riders should not continue until they are deemed fit to do so by a Doctor or Paramedic.

The full policy and flowchart are available below.

Action After a Fall

As a teaching organisation we wish riders to be able to continue whenever possible. However, a rider must not be allowed to remount after a fall if there is any element of doubt as to their fitness, irrespective of the wishes of the parents / guardians, trainers, etc. Further participation may be possible following medical examination by a Doctor or Paramedic.

Concussion Downloads
Head Injury and Concussion Rule
PDF - 107 kB
Head Injury and Concussion Flowchart
PDF - 55 kB
Concussion Advice Form
PDF - 64 kB
British Equestrian Downloads
BEF Concussion Guidance FINAL Pclogo
PDF - 91 kB
Concussion Symptoms Pclogo
PDF - 568 kB
UK Grassroots Concussion Guidelines April 2023
PDF - 3 mB
Medical Consent Form
Medical Consent Form
PDF - 133 kB
Medical Treatment Form
Appendix H2 Medical Treatment Form
PDF - 54 kB