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It is important that we know when incidents and injuries occur during Pony Club activities or involve our members. The type of record and report made depends upon the nature of the incident and the injuries sustained. It should be noted that injuries to members, coaches and volunteers are included in these requirements. If in doubt, report it.

Record Keeping

Accident reporting documents must be retained for three years after the date of the incident. Where an injured person is under 18 years, all accident forms should be kept for three years after their eighteenth birthday.

Accident Reporting and Serious Incidents Procedure
PC Accident Reporting & Serious Incident Procedure
PDF - 188 kB
PC Accident Reporting & Serious Incident Flowchart
PDF - 204 kB
Risk Reduce - Accident Reporting Guide
PDF - 332 kB

Accident Report Links

Branches: Click here for accident form link

Please complete this form if you are a branch official reporting an accident that has occurred at a Pony Club activity


Members: Click here for members accident form link

Please complete this form if you are a member or the parent/guardian of a member and you would like to report an incident that has occurred outside of a Pony Club activity and which may result in a claim against you. 

Incident Log Forms

It may be useful to keep an Incident Report Log as a simple record of incidents during the course of an activity. Templates for Incident Report Logs for one day events and rallies can be downloaded below.


If an official, coach or volunteer is injured, the Branch/Centre must inform The Pony Club Health & Safety Team to determine if the incident is reportable under RIDDOR.

Who do I send reports to?

All accident forms should be submitted and verified through Risk Reduce via your Branch.

All relevant documentation and correspondence can be added to the record via the Risk Reduce Portal.

A clear scan or photo would be sufficient.


Safety Campaign - April 2021

Accident Reporting and Serious Incident Procedures

The Pony Club Health, Safety and Safeguarding Committee have been diligently reviewing and updating the policies and procedures in place to support Accident Reporting and Serious Incident procedures.

Whilst we hope to never to have to use these documents, please ensure you familiarise yourself with them. They can all be found below.

We would encourage everyone to be aware that:

  1. All accidents are reportable - Our aim is to collate statistics around the types of accidents/incidents that happen throughout Pony Club activities. This will enable an evidence-based approach when considering rules and guidance.
  2. Forms must be submitted in a timely manner - Often people can forget details as time progresses so do ensure you have recorded all the information soon after the event.
  3. Follow the flowchart - We have a newly developed flowchart to support with managing incidents.

Online Accident Reporting and 'Risk Reduce'

We have been working with our Insurers, Liberty Specialty Markets and our insurance broker, Howden, to create an online accident report form. We have created two bespoke forms, one for incidents at branches, and second for incidents involving Members outside of Pony Club activities (accident form links can be found here).

The question set is very similar to the current ‘accident liability’ form but a link will be available on our website making it easy for any branch official or member/parent to complete the forms in a quick and efficient way. The form is also compatible with mobile devices.

 Once submitted, all of the accident report forms which relate to your branch will be viewable by branch admin users of a new online portal called ‘Risk Reduce’.  This means that information will be securely stored and will be at hand if needed by the branch.  Each branch will shortly be sent an email on Monday 10th May to their main branch email address and will be invited to set up their new Risk Reduce login.  Risk Reduce also has additional Health and Safety features and information within it and we hope to expand on this over the coming months.

 As a branch, you should decide who the most appropriate person would be to complete the form. This may vary in different circumstances. The person you appoint might be the DC, H&S Officer, steward or the person who witnessed the incident first-hand, such as coach or volunteer.

 The branch will be notified of all accident reports submitted on behalf of the branch. To avoid misuse of the system or duplicate forms, the branch admin user will get an email notification each time a form is submitted and will be required to verify the form.  As soon as the form is verified, the information will automatically be sent to our insurer, Liberty, and our broker, Howden.  If further information is required, where an the report relates to a serious incident, Howden will contact the branch to confirm the next steps or request any additional information required.

 A video guide has been produced to talk you through the verification process and overview. Click here to view

The ability to report accidents online has been requested by many of our branches and we hope that this will make the reporting of incidents that bit quicker and easier for branch volunteers.  It will also provide invaluable data about the frequency and types of incidents that we see across the thousands of Pony Club activities that take place each year. This data will help us to form additional health and safety guidance as necessary, which will in turn ensure that our activities are as safe as possible for members, volunteers and the wider public.

Reporting Forms
Incident Log - Rallies
DOCX - 26 kB
Incident Log - One Day Events
DOCX - 26 kB
Pony Club Accident Liability Form
PDF - 114 kB