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It is important that we know when incidents and injuries occur during Pony Club activities or involve our members. The type of record and report made depends upon the nature of the incident and the injuries sustained. It should be noted that injuries to members, coaches and volunteers are included in these requirements. If in doubt, report it.

Accident Reporting Links

Injury accidents and near misses are to be reported on the links below. 


Branches reporting accidents about Members/ volunteers/ incidents: Click here to report an accident 

Please complete the Branches/Officials form if you are a Branch/ Area/ National Official reporting an accident that has occurred at a Pony Club activity that involves damage to third party property or injury to a member of staff, volunteer, official, Pony Club member or any other third party at the event.


Parents/ guardians of members and those not members reporting accidents: Click here to report an accident

Please complete the Members form if you are a member or the parent/guardian of a member or reporting about those who are not members and you would like to report an incident that has occurred outside of a Pony Club activity and which may result in a claim against you. 

Accident Reporting and Serious Incidents Documents
PC Accident Reporting & Serious Incident Procedure
PDF - 188 kB
Accident Form Risk Reduce Printable Version
PDF - 230 kB
PC Accident Reporting & Serious Incident Flowchart
PDF - 189 kB
Accident Reporting Guidance- Risk Reduce Guide
PDF - 436 kB

Accident Reporting Process

The below progression chart shows the process involved in reporting accidents through Risk
Reduce. Expansion on the charity can be found below

  • Member, Parent/Guardian, Club, Sport, Area or The Pony Club submit an Accident Record
  • Confirmation sent to the person(s) submitting and relevant Area, Club or The Pony Club
  • Individual involved in the accident and report verified
  • Reviewed by Howden and the relevant parties as needed
  • Review of Accident and discussion on next steps

When a record has been completed the Risk Reduce users (PC admin and branch admin) will receive
an email to advise of a new record submission. This may result in contact from The Pony Club or Howden directly 

Record Keeping

Accident reporting documents must be retained for three years after the date of the incident. Where an injured person is under 18 years, all accident forms should be kept for three years after their eighteenth birthday.

Incident Log

It may be useful to keep an Incident Report Log as a simple record of incidents during the course of an activity, this records none injury situations. Templates for Incident Report Logs can be downloaded below.

Incident Log Download
Incident Log - Rallies
DOCX - 26 kB


If an official, coach or volunteer is injured, the Branch/Centre must inform The Pony Club Health & Safety Team to determine if the incident is reportable under RIDDOR.