News | 20 May 2024

Could you be a champion at Your Horse Live this year?

The 2024 season for the SEIB Search for a Star series kicks off at Stoneleigh Park on the 27th May 2024😍


Pony Club Search for a Star classes give Pony Club Members the chance to compete in amateur showing to qualify for championships at Your Horse Live in November. Now in its third year, the Pony Club Search for a Star series is set to build on its success over the first two running’s of the competition, “bringing unique opportunities for future show horses and riders”.

The 2024 SEIB Search for a Star Pony Club classes (Lead rein, First Ridden, and Open Ridden) have their qualifying shows for Your Horse Live on:


1.🌟 Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2024 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ.

2.🌟 Sunday 9th June 2024 at Vale View Equestrian Centre, Leicestershire LE14 3LX.

3.🌟 Sunday 7th July 2024 at Greenlands Equestrian Centre, Carlisle, CA4 0RR.

4.🌟 Thursday 1st August 2024 at Arena UK, Allington Lane, Lincolnshire, NG32 2EF – courtesy of Equifest.

5.🌟 Saturday 17th August 2024 at The Pony Club Championships at Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire, CV33 9AR.

6.🌟 Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2024 at Hartpury College, Gloucester, GL19 3BE.

7 reasons why you should give Pony Club Search for a Star classes a go!


1. Pony Club Search for a Star provides an unparalleled opportunity for children to have a go at showing in a low-key environment, with top judges and plenty of support and guidance on hand for all.


2. Search for a Star was set up to help, support and encourage amateur riders to progress and for both horses / ponies and riders to ENJOY themselves, and make friends along the way!


3. The Pony Club Search for a Star classes are all flat classes, so it is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your flatwork skills. Maybe you’re a dressage rider who’d like to try a new discipline or a Show Jumper who’d like to try a flat class?


4. It is a great opportunity for younger Pony Club Members to have the chance to qualify for a championship final – held at Your Horse Live in November.


5. The Search for a Star judges are true professionals with a lifetime of experience. They know their stuff inside out and are on-hand at each qualifier to answer questions and make suggestions. The judges are genuinely delighted when competitors return to Search for a Star having listened to advice and improved.


6. There are 6 qualifying shows for the Pony Club Search for a Star (Your Horse Live) finals – If you don’t qualify on your first attempt, why not try again!


7. You don’t need to pay joining fees or subscriptions to be a member of a showing society or body to attend Pony Club Search for a Star. As long as you are a current Pony Club Branch/Centre Member, you are eligible to take part.



What do I need to wear to compete in Search for a Star Pony Club classes?

Riders should wear a tweed jacket with a collared shirt & Pony Club tie, with their Pony Club Badge proudly worn. Plain leather gloves & a show cane, with boots or half chaps. Breeches/Jodhpurs should be plain, preferably beige. If a hat silk is to be used, it is advised to be navy or black (velvet). No riders under 15 years of age may wear spurs.

Don’t go and spend lots of money on new clothes, it is amazing what you can borrow, but do make sure you have your own, correctly fitting hat and that it is up to current Pony Club UK standards. All competitors must wear a hard hat with a safety harness and this is required in every class.

Top Tip: Wear coveralls to keep your show gear clean on show day!✨


How should I turn out my Horse/Pony?

Horses and ponies should be plaited, except for cobs who should be hogged and except for traditional types and mountains and moorlands, who can be shown au natural. Tack (saddle, bridle, girth and numnah) can be black or brown (Havana), a plain browband should be used. Pay attention to detail – make sure your tack fits correctly.

Arrive to the show in plenty of time to allow for any final finishing touches that be be needed, be prepared that your Horse/Pony may have got dirty in the horsebox/trailer!

Does someone have to come in the ring with me?

Yes, grooms (and handlers/leaders – for Lead Rein classes) should be neat and tidy and wearing a hard hat.

Grooms will enter the ring for the ‘strip down’, where they will help you untack for trotting up your Horse/Pony in hand.

Top Tips:

  • Have a practise at home trotting up your Horse/Pony in a straight line. Ask a family member or friend to pretend to be the judge – halt your pony, walk away from them in a straight line, turn the pony away from you, trot back to the ‘judge’ and then halt and salute – Practise makes perfect but don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time, these shows are a great learning environment!
  • Ask your ‘groom’ to bring a brush with them when they enter the ring – to go over the area where your saddle has been.

Do I have to be a member of any breed or showing society in order to compete in Search For A Star?

No! Anyone can have a go!

Do I have to enter my Pony/Horse into Search for a Star in the same name as the one stated on his/her passport?

Yes, your horse must be entered under the name on their passport and the name and address of the owner must be the same as that listed in the passport.

How to act in the show ring:

It is always important to be polite to your fellow competitors whilst in the ring. Remember a polite smile and a word of encouragement to another competitor is all in the spirit of the competition. Congratulate the winner as it may be you next time! Always send your apology if you are not turning up for a championship.

Wear a smile on your face, remember this is meant to be fun!

Find out more about the Search for a Star 2024 rules here:

Did you know, there are many Pony Club Badges that can help with the knowledge needed for success in the show ring!


These Badges (Mini, Achievement and Advanced) include the likes of – Grooming, Showing, Tack cleaning, correctly fitting tack, and loading.


The Pony Club Achievement badges provide a fun and interactive way for Members to develop their knowledge of Horsemanship and give them the opportunity to develop the skills to care for Horses and Ponies to the highest possible standards.

There are an array of badges in terms of topics and their difficulty level, providing a clear path for progression and ensuring there is something for everyone!


Find out more about individual badges by following the link below to our Resource Hub:

Would you like to find out more and take part? Click the links below: