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There are a wide variety of training options available in The Pony Club:

Achievement Badges

These cover a wide variety of individual topics related to horses and riding. There are three levels of badges

  • Mini Achievement Badges – these are aimed at younger members training up to D+ level. They are smaller than the other badges and have a purple border. They are an introduction to the topics covered in the Achievement badges and can be a fun addition to rallies.
  • Achievement Badges – these are aimed at junior members at D+ to C+ level. They have a navy blue border. When you have collected 21 of these badges you are awarded the Gold Achievement Badge.
  • Advanced Achievement Badges – these are for our senior members and cover topics required for C+ to A test. They have a gold border.


Sport Badges

These badges are designed to give members an introduction to the wide variety of sports that The Pony Club has to offer. Each badge has two levels, an intro badge, aimed at younger members, and a more advanced badge for older members. Each badge covers rules, dress and technique for the specific sport.


Pony Club Tests

The Pony Club Test structure is a pathway that encourages members to learn progressively. Each test covers riding and horse care, to help riders develop their skills and learn how to care for their horses. When you pass a test you are awarded a certificate and a coloured, circular felt which sits behind your Pony Club badge.

Before you take your D test you must pass the Mini Road Rider badge, before you can be awarded your C Test the Road Rider Achievement Badge must be achieved.


Progressive Awards

These are progressive awards that allow members to work towards tests in between the Pony Club test levels E-C+. There are four levels of progressive award, bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


Introduction to Coaching

This is The Pony Club’s pathway for young coaches. There are three steps:

  • Step 1 – covers lesson planning, risk assessments, accident forms and teaching riders up to D+ level
  • Step 2 – covers lesson plans involving jumping and coaching riders up to C+
  • Step 3 – covers teaching riders cross country, what to check on the course and how to teach this topic safely.

Young coaches are given priority for places on these courses, but they are also open to coaches as CPD and branch officials.

Karen Bennett
Training Officer
T 02476 698300