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Members Insurance

Our insurance policy is provided by Howden Insurance Brokers Limited.

All Members of The Pony Club are covered by our insurance policy. It is strongly recommended that you review the information below regarding our policy.

Members Insurance Faqs
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Insurance Claim Form
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Members Insurance Product Information Document
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4907 Pony Club Members Liability Insurance V1
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Important Changes to Members Third Party Liability Policy

Membership of The Pony Club automatically includes third party liability cover for all member’s equestrian activities. This is a valuable benefit that protects Pony Club members in the event that a member is held liable for damage to third party property or an injury to a third party. The Pony Club have recently renewed this policy from 1st July 2019 and it includes some changes that we would like to make you aware of as follows:

  1. The insurer for the members policy has changed to Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe.  Liberty are experienced equestrian insurers with an excellent reputation and financial rating.
  2. The members policy now provides cover whilst the member is in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland only.  If a member is going on holiday and will be riding whilst overseas, we recommend that you check that your standard holiday insurance provides liability cover for horse riding.
  3. The members policy no longer includes cover for any member domiciled at a Forces base overseas.
  4. The policy includes an exclusion for cyber attack.
  5. The policy includes a sanctions clause which states that insurers will not pay a claim to a sanctioned entity.

For more information please see The Pony Club Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) or the frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to any insurance query, please contact Catherine Morgan at Howden UK Group on 0207 133 1387 or email