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Reasonable Adjustment

The Pony Club is committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, members are able to
access all aspects of the Branch and Centre activities we offer. Reasonable Adjustments are
any actions that help to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty. They are needed
because some disabilities can make it harder for members to take part in activities than it
would have been had the member not been disabled. A Member does not necessarily have
to be disabled (as defined by the Equality Act 2010) to be allowed an access arrangement.
Reasonable adjustments are intended to increase access to Tests and other activities and
are intended to assist Members in demonstrating their attainment without affecting or
circumventing the Test requirements. All Reasonable Adjustment Plans will be treated
confidentially and only shared with permission from the member and their parent (if under
18yrs old).

Reasonable Adjustments can be used for the Pony Club Tests and should be approved in
advance of the Test taking place. Reasonable adjustments are changes made to an
assessment or to the way an assessment is conducted that reduce or remove a
disadvantage caused by a student’s disability. Reasonable Adjustments will not affect the
reliability or validity of the Test outcome nor should they give the Member an assessment
advantage over other Members undertaking the same or similar Tests. Where possible the
reasonable adjustment should reflect a Member’s normal way of working. The Reasonable
Adjustment is intended to give all Pony Club Members a level playing field in which to
demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.

Reasonable Adjustments can also be used to allow for members to take part in activities or
competitions. As with Tests these adjustments should be approved in advance of the
activity or competition.

Some Pony Club members may already have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
which can be used to help plan Reasonable Adjustments. However, the Pony Club will strive
to ensure inclusivity for any of its members who need additional support whether or not
they have an official statement.

Online Courses

Reasonable Adjustment Training: ‘Understanding Disability and Reasonable Adjustment'

Online training available to book via 

Completed Example Agreed Plan For Reasonable Adjustment
PDF - 123 kB
Reasonable Adjustment Agreed Plan Template
DOCX - 181 kB
Pony Club Personal Profile under 12 years
PDF - 145 kB
Pony Club Personal Profile Form over 12 years
DOCX - 62 kB
Reasonable Adjustment Policy
PDF - 156 kB