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We were delighted to hold The Pony Club PC110 Eventing Championships at the prestigious Wellington International Horse Trials and Country Fair at Hook, Hampshire. The event ran over the weekend of August 29th-31st 2021.

Monday 30th August saw most of the Dressage and Show Jumping taking place. Due to the large number of entries some Dressage tests needed to be performed on the afternoon of Sunday 29th August. 

Tuesday 31st August saw our competitors battle it out on the XC course to crown our 2021 PC110 Eventing Champions. 


As well as Individual awards, there were also prizes for the top three Branch teams and the top three Area teams.  All entrants will automatically be put in their Area team but only the top three scores will count and be awarded the prizes.  There is also a trophy for the highest placed pony.

In a busy season of activity with much uncertainty, Wellington organiser David Sheerin, and his team have given Pony Club members such a fabulous opportunity to compete at a great event and in excellent international company.

We would like to thank David Sheerin and his team who rose to the challenge of helping The Pony Club and we are grateful for their flexibility and support. Wellington International Horse Trials and Country Fair is a fantastic event for all, and I look forward to seeing our talented Members out on the course!

Eligibility Rules


Combination of horse and rider must, in the period 1st July 2020 to 1st August 2021, have either:

  • Been placed in the top 10% at any BE (or EI)110 or above (please see rule 1 on page 59 of the Rule Book for horse eligibility), OR
  • Obtained double clears twice at any two BE (or EI)110 or above or PC110 (including any Area) competitions; OR
  • Gained 4 Minimum Eligibility Requirement Points (MER).

A MER can be gained by completing a BE (or EI)110 or above or a PC110 competition with:

  • No more than 45 dressage penalty points
  • A clear cross-country round with no more than 30 time penalties
  • A show jumping round with no more than 12 jumping penalties.

In addition, the following will qualify for the 2021 PC110 Championships at their Area Competition if they have no jumping penalties across country; AND are:

  • The winner or second placed in a section.
  • 3rd in section qualifies if 15 or more competed in that section.
  • 4th in section qualifies if 20 or more competed in that section.

All other individuals with a clear round across country (not including time penalties), no more than 4 faults in the show jumping and a dressage score of 50 or less.


All entries will be put in their relevant PC Area and the top three scores at the competition will count. If a Branch has three or four qualified members at the Championships, then a Branch team can be declared.

PC110 Eventing Rule 2021
PDF - 128 kB