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The Pony Club Conference 2022 Heads to Belfast!

Save the date for our Volunteers’ Conference:

Wednesday November 2nd, Belfast  

Come and join us for a Northern Irish mini-break! The Pony Club Conference is set to be held in Belfast on Wednesday, November 2nd.  This is a key opportunity to celebrate our wonderful Volunteers, Staff and Centre proprietors and a chance to gather together and share and discuss our visions of and for The Pony Club. This will be supported by a variety of speakers covering topics such as Member and Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, Horse and Human Welfare and Accessibility and Diversity.

More details about the Conference and how to book your tickets will be announced soon.
In the mean time get your flights booked quickly to get the best deals!  

If you have any questions about the Conference, please email:

Welcome to Belfast

There is buckets to do in Belfast!

Make the most of your trip to Northern Ireland and explore everything Belfast has to offer either before or after you attend the Pony Club Conference! 

There is everything from World Heritage sites; to paradise for walkers; real-world Game of Thrones locations and you can even stand on the spot where Titanic set sail! 

Where to Stay?
Pony Club Discounted Hotel Rates
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