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The Pony Club Conference 2022 Heads to Belfast!

'The Pony Club in a Changing World'

Where: Assembly Buildings Conference Centre, Belfast, BT1 6DW

When: Wednesday November 2nd, Belfast  



Come and join us for a Northern Irish mini-break! This is a key opportunity to celebrate our wonderful Volunteers, Staff and Centre proprietors. It is a chance to gather together to share and discuss our visions of and for The Pony Club. Our guest speakers are leaders in their field and will be supported by some of our Pony Club Volunteers and Staff members. The Conference will be expertly compered by Ali Vance! 

To check out the venue, click here: Assembly Building Conference Centre  

If you have any questions about the Conference, please email:


(subject to minor changes)

Conference start: 10.30am


Staying one step ahead:

The 3 R’s – Reach, Recruit and Retain – Natalie O’Rourke (Parklane Stables), Sandra Murphy (BERF) & Holly Dowsing (Area 9)

Well-being and welfare of horse and rider – Roly Owers (CEO World Horse Welfare) & Soyna McAleer (Equine Coach)

Revitalised test structure – Clare Valori (Vice Chairman) & Sarah MacDonald (Training Chairman)

Introduction to the Events Module and PELHAM Team - Marcus Capel (CEO) 

Lunch: 12.30pm

Conference re-start: 2pm


          Visions and Values of The Pony Club - (Marcus Capel (CEO), Tim Vestey (Chairman)

          Financial Overview – Nigel Howlett (Trustee)

          Youth Voices: 

                Greta Mason (A-Test recipient, Coach, U25 British Eventing Champion 2022)

                Lucca Stubington (Ex East Antrim Member, Irish Eventer & Dressage Rider) 

                Charlotte Vickery (Pony Club Youth Council)

                Amy Veitch (Pony Club Youth Council) 

                Connie Gould (Gold YELA recipient) 

                Patrick Williams (Irish Tetrathlete)

           Video Montage - produced by Aly Vance 

           Future of Sport in The Pony Club - Sports Chairmen 

           Surprise Entertainment

Conference finish: 4.30pm

City Hall Drinks Reception (optional): 6pm 

Welcome to Belfast

There is buckets to do in Belfast!

Make the most of your trip to Northern Ireland and explore everything Belfast has to offer either before or after you attend the Pony Club Conference! 

There is everything from World Heritage sites; to paradise for walkers; real-world Game of Thrones locations and you can even stand on the spot where Titanic set sail! 

Additional Game Of Thrones Information
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