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Treasurer Guidance

The Treasurer role is vital to the organisation it is therefore imperative that Treasurers are fully equipped to carry this role.

What is the Treasurer's Role?
  • Present annual Income & Expenditure accounts and Balance Sheet for approval by Committee
  • Present financial report at every Committee meeting, also bring accounting records and the latest bank statement(s) to the meeting, so that Committee members may inspect them if they wish.
  • Maintain a branch cashbook
  • Maintain an up to date Fixed Asset Register
  • Complete annual Branch Accounts to be approved by a Committee Member
  • Manage and reconcile the bank accounts
  • Ensure financial controls are being adhered to
What is the DC’s Role?
  • Branch fully complies with HSS policies and other statutory obligations
  • Camps, Rallies, lectures and other events are organised for Branch Members
  • Ensure records kept of all Members
  • Ensure joining fees and annual subscriptions are collected
  • All returns and monies required by the Rules are sent to Head Office within stipulated deadlines
  • Coach directory is kept up to date with names of coaches and their qualifications
  • All Branch Committee and Annual Meeting have minutes taken and are kept in a Minute Book
  • Branch Financial Accounts to be kept for the branch, appropriate arrangements to be made should Trustees and/or Head Office would like to inspect them. Each Branch Committee to have a financial statement presented.
  • Annual Accounts audit to be carried out / reviewed by member of branch committee
  • Annual Accounts to be submitted to Head Office within stipulated deadline
  • Keep an up to date Fixed Asset Register, ensure it is physically audited annually
  • Branch Committee is made aware of all important information from Head Office
  • Any other tasks given by the Management Committee

To ensure Treasurers have the right knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out the Branch Treasurer role The Pony Club recommends:

  • All Treasurers attend Treasurer Training
  • We recommend that Treasurers refresh their training every three years to ensure they are up to date with all changes including but not limited to Legal changes and The Pony Club process changes.

See latest news on the finance page for any scheduled training sessions.