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  1. How do I change names on my Branches Bank Account?

    The process will be different for each bank, please contact your bank to find out the process.

    You may require paperwork from Head Office, please contact
  2. I have invested in the Central Investment Fund, how do I get a statement?

    Please send an email from your branch PCUK email address to with your request


  1. How do I set up a PayPal account?

    To set up PayPal in a Branch it is worth looking here to check that the settings are correct.

    Make sure that you put just yourself as a 0% beneficial owner and that you put The Pony Club trustees as the directors.

    Once the PayPal has been set up by the Branch they will require two letters from The Pony Club Office: LOA & Charity Status.

    The Pony Club Office will require the email address used to set up the PayPal account, the contact name on the account and the position within the Branch.

    Once PayPal is set up, it is now just a case of following the instructions here
  2. I need some Pony Club paperwork to open / change details on my Paypal Account?

    Yes you may require a Letter of Authorisation

    To do this please email with details of who is currently on the account and details of who you would like on the account

    Details to include: name, address and role
  3. I need a LOA, Letter of Authorisation, how do I get this?

    Please email with details of who is currently on the account and details of who you would like on the account

    Details to include: name, address and role


  1. What is the Branch Closure Process?

    Please contact your Area Rep in the first instance to ensure that the closure process needs to be followed, once confirmed contact to inform us of the intention to close.

    The bank balance will need to be transferred to The Pony Club Office, where the monies will be held for 12 months should the branch wish to reopen.

    The bank account will need to be closed. Confirmation of the transfer and closure of the account will need to be sent to Finance.

    Any assets held by the branch will need to be passed to the Area Rep who will ensure these are passed on to other branches to make good use of.
  1. I want to consolidate my branch with another, how do I do this?

    The process for this may vary for different Branches, depending on the circumstances and the time of year.

    To ensure a smooth transition please contact the finance team on to find the best solution for you.


  1. How long do I need to keep records for?

    It is a legal requirement that all records including financial records must be kept for a minimum of 6 years.
  2. I have not received the Branch Annual Accounts Template?

    All Branch Annual Return templates will be sent to the Branch PCUK email address.

    If you have not received it please contact the Finance team, alternatively if you do not have access to the Branch email account please contact


  1. How do I make a payment to The Pony Club?

    You can call the Head Office number on 02476 698 300 option 1 to make payment over the phone.

    Send a cheque to Head Office: The Pony Club, Lowlands Equestrian Centre, Old Warwick Road, Warwick, CV35 7AX

    Make a BACs payment – please contact the Finance team for the bank details
  2. I have received a payment for The Pony Club, how do I check what this is for?

    In most instances you will receive a remittance advice which will state what the payment is for.

    If you have not received one please email with your name / your company's name, the amount paid and the date it was paid.
  3. How do I make an expense claim to Head Office?

    Please download the expense claim form from the Forms section.

    Please ensure you have attached all relevant receipts and documentation and gained all appropriate approvals. Please send completed approved forms with all receipts to the Finance team either in the post or via email to
  4. Head Office has received a donation for the branch, how do I get the funds into the branch account?

    Please contact the Finance team with the company you are expecting the donation from, the amount and the date the payment will have been received.

    We will make appropriate arrangements to make payment to your Branch.


  1. Should I be charging VAT?

    We are seeking further advice on this from a VAT specialist and will update this section with the appropriate information.