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Central Investment Fund

We operate a Central Investment Fund as a way for our Branches to earn a higher rate of interest on deposited funds. Centrally we have access to a range of deposit accounts, with different banks, which currently pay better averages than banks can offer individual Branches on the same basis. We are very happy for Branches use these central accounts to deposit any funds that they would like to invest. The money will remain entirely the property of the Branch, the Branch is able to request a withdrawal from the Central Investment Fund at any time. To request a withdrawal see the Forms section, please note that a 14 day notice period is required.

Any deposits received will be spread across our deposit accounts and at the end of the Pony Club’s financial year (31st of December) we will calculate the total interest earned and how much relates to each Branch’s deposited funds, based on the level of their individual investment. This interest can be paid over to the Branch or added to the deposit balance to earn further interest.

We will aim to achieve the best rate of interest possible whilst not, at any time, taking unnecessary risks with the funds held on behalf of Branches. All funds will only be deposited in FCA registered institutions and these accounts will be approved by the Trustees of The Pony Club as suitable for this use.

We cannot guarantee a minimum level of return, but we will attempt to get the highest interest rate possible.

If you think this is something your Branch would be interested in then please contact the Finance Department to discuss it further.