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Capitation Returns

What is capitation?

Branches pay a proportion of the membership fee to Head Office.

Why do we need to pay capitation?

This fee is to cover various centralised costs:

  • Insurance cover for Members, the largest element of the company's insurance relates to Public Liability Insurance
  • A proportion of Head Office staff
  • Legal & professional
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Subsidising loss making competitions and training events
  • HSS
What is the process for capitations?

Please note the below process is the current process and is subject to change.

  • Capitation forms will be sent to the branch email address by: 1st September
  • Branches are required to complete the capitation based on the total number of members the branch has active as at 31/08/2019
  • The form will calculate the capitation that is due to Head Office by deducting the number of members that were paid for in March’s capitation
What are the consequences of not doing a capitation return?
  • Capitations are used to fund the insurance, payment of capitation ensures you branch and members are insurance under the company insurance policy
  • Without a capitation branch members are unable to enter of the championships / centrally organised events and training sessions

Please refer to Latest News for any CRM updates.