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Branch Annual Accounts / Financial Returns

What are Branch Annual Accounts?
  • Is an annual financial template that branches are required to complete and submit to Head Office
  • The template reports on the Branch's Income & Expenditure for the year and provides the year end view of the Balance Sheet
Why are Branch Annual Accounts required?
  • Is used to produce the statutory accounts for The Pony Club
  • Statutory accounts are audited by the company‚Äôs auditors and submitted to Companies House, this is a legal requirement
Process for Branch Annual Accounts?
  • Branch Returns will be populated with your branch opening balances and sent to your email address.
  • Branch Annual Returns will be sent to all branches BEFORE 31st December.
  • Branches are required to complete the template, attain all appropriate authorisation & signatures and send the completed, balanced return to Finance with all required evidence. This should be with Finance no later than 15th March.
  • Should you require an extension to the deadline please seek approval from your DC and the Finance department.
Consequences of not doing a Branch Annual Return?
  • You are not compliant with legal regulations
  • You may be charged a fine by Head Office for non-submission/ late submission of Branch Returns
  • You will be recharged any fines The Pony Club received as a result of not receiving Branch Returns, this includes but is not limited to Companies House, HMRC and any additional Audit charges that are incurred

2019 Branch Returns

To download the FAQs in relation to the 2019 Branch Return, please see below :

2019 Branch Return FAQs
Annual Returns FAQ February 2020
PDF - 94 kB