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Change of DCs

What is the process for change of DC?

The process for change of DC is:

Step 1: Complete the change of DC form in full (available below).

This needs to be completed and submitted electronically. The form enables you to select each section and type in the correct information.

Step 2: Email the completed form to and your Area Representative.

What happens next?

  • All changes will be circulated to the Area Representatives for approval on a monthly basis.
  • Ratification of changes to DCs will take place during the Volunteers and Officials Committee meetings.

Conditions of Appointment

The appointment of DC is subject to ratification by the Volunteers & Officials Committee and attendance at a Branch Officials Training Day (details about training sessions can be found below).

Change of DC Downloads
Change Of DC Form V1.0
PDF - 99 kB

Branch Transfers

Members wishing to transfer between branches should fill in a transfer form via the link below. The form will then be emailed to the relevant DCs and Area Rep(s) to decide whether to approve the transfer.

For further information regarding the transfer process, please refer to the Transfers section of the Rules of The Pony Club, available on the Rulebooks page of this website and in The Pony Club Handbook.

Please note that it is recommended that the parent should speak to their current DC before requesting a transfer.