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International Quiz

The International Quiz is when UK team compete against other countries within PCIA. Teams are made up of four members aged 16 years to 25 years old. The UK team is selected from the highest placed 16 and over members from the National Quiz held earlier this year.

2022 PCIA Quiz will be hosted by Pony Club Australia with teams from the UK, Canada, United States, Australia and Hong Kong. This year Quiz will be conducted via Zoom on the 3rd December 2022.

PCIA UK Quiz Team 2023

We are pleased to announce this year PCIA Quiz team is

Name Branch/Centre
Josie Mair  Hayfield 
Kathy Williams Old Berkeley hunt south
Amy Veitch Cumberland farmers hunt south 
Georgia Stanton Silvermere centre 

The team manager is Amelia Morris Payne. 

This year the UK is hosting the PCIA Quiz online and it will be taking place on 2nd December. 

PCIA Quiz Team 2022

Congratulations to this years team members:

Amy Veitch, Cumberland Farmers Hunt South
Georgia Stanton, Silvermere Equestrian Centre
Lucy Smith Walker, Silvermere Equestrian Centre
Lucy Watts, Atherstone Hunt

Amelia Morris-Payne- Team Manager 


The PCIA quiz was on 3rd December via Zoom, the UK team all came together to take part in the Quiz against


-Hong Kong


- Canada. 

The UK team came joint 2nd with USA.