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Pony Club Dog Dressage

We were excited to bring you a new "Lockdown Friendly" competition that members could do at home. No horses/ponies required but you did need a dog!

We saw members and their spaniels, labradors, collies, terriers and even a minature schnauzer take to the "arenas" to do their dressage tests. The tests were judged on:

  • Accuracy of the test
  • Partnership between dog and handler
  • Obedience of the dog

There were also extra marks available for tests done off the lead and with no 'hands on' from the handler.

And the results are in! Please see the full list of results in the downloads below and keep scrolling to see the top three tests.

Well done to the following members:

  1. 1st - Thea Harkness and Oscar
  2. Joint 2nd - Megan Mackay Williams and Bella
  3. Joint 2nd - Zoe Newton and Waffle

The judge also had some special mentions to the following members:

  • Tolley Isaac for sheer effort in using a full 20x40m arena!
  • Eloise Harkness for the best dog salute
  • Isabella Coy for most inventive use of space during lockdown
  • Iceni Newcombe for the best dressed dog

And well done to Ariadne Fasosin, Millie Jones and Aoife Miller for giving it a go with their naughty, cheeky dogs!

Thank you all for getting involved!

Full Results
Dog Dressage Results
PDF - 147 kB