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07 September 2022

UPDATE: Equine Influenza Vaccine Shortage

UPDATE: Equine Influenza Vaccine Shortage

The Pony Club has been in discussion with fellow Members of the BEF and have worked on a joint approach to issues with the distribution of equine influenza doses (flu vacc) by Boehringer.

Please read the advice document below carefully.

The Pony Club supports the effort to alleviate pressure on vaccine supply and is in agreement with the approach for general leisure horses at lower risk to defer the annual booster injection from 12 months to 15 months in consultation with their vet. The vet should sign and date the passport appropriately. If the booster is deferred, the subsequent booster must be within 9 months in order to maintain the 2 injections within 2 years protocol.

The "within 6 months +21 days" has been temporarily suspended by BEF Member bodies, for The Pony Club, this requirement is for horses and ponies competing at the Spring Festival final and the summer Area competitions and Championships so is currently unaffected.

The shortage is likely to be for a few weeks this autumn.

Members who affiliate or compete with other organisations such as the BHA, Olympic disciplines or have international aspirations to compete under FEI rules are strongly advised to stay within the 12-month vaccination requirement or be at risk of restarting. The BEF is working closely with venues such as racecourses that are used by Members and will provide further information regarding their acceptance of the 15 month interval.

The BEF news item is available on their website here.

BEF EIDAG EI Vaccine Guidance FINAL 06.09.22
PDF - 133 kB