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18 September 2022

Committee Vacancies for 2023 - UPDATE

Committee Vacancies for 2023 - UPDATE

Updated September 2022

The Management Committee has agreed a request from the Mounted Games Committee to an increase in the size of the Committee to 12 in 2023. 

As a result, there will now be 3 vacancies on the Committee to fill and it has been decided to re-open the process for electing members to these vacancies. Further nominations may be made until 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 9th October. If more than 3 nominations are received then a confidential vote will take place. 

Please send all completed nomination forms to 

All other nominations are currently being processed and candidates will be contacted in due course. 


The Committee Vacancy information below was posted in July 2022

Below is a list of the vacancies that arise on the 31st December 2022 for all Committee Chairmen and Committee Members who have completed their current term.  

It is the aim of The Pony Club to fill these volunteer vacancies with knowledgeable candidates who will help us continue to move The Pony Club forwards by contributing their expertise to the Committee and to help The Pony Club further its strategic goals to the benefit of our members.

For further information about how The Pony Club is governed and the terms of reference for Committees, please visit the Governance Guidance.

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered for a vacancy, please complete the nomination form, and return it to by 5.00pm on the 31st August 2022. Please note that you will require the signature of two company members* to validate your nomination form.

*Company Members are:

If there are more nominations than there are vacancies, a vote by Committee members (of the Committee concerned) and Company Members will determine who is appointed. If a vote to appoint any Committee member or chairman is tied, the Chairman of The Pony Club will cast a deciding vote.

Chairman and Committee Member Nomination Form
PDF - 107 kB

List of Vacancies

Committee Vacancies Advertised Email contact for further information on the role
Trustees 1 Trustee
Management No vacancies N/A
Finance 1 Committee member
Training 7 Committee members
Centres Chairman vacancy
4 Committee members
Health, Safety, Safeguarding and Horse Welfare 4 Committee members
Rules and Compliance No vacancies N/A
Volunteers and Officials Chairman vacancy
1 Committee member
Dressage No vacancies
Mounted Games 1 Committee member
Tetrathlon 3 Committee members
Endurance 3 Committee members
Eventing Chairman vacancy
5 Committee members
Polo Chairman vacancy
3 Committee members
Polocrosse Chairman vacancy
7 Committee members
Pony Racing Chairman vacancy
3 Committee members
Show Jumping Chairman vacancy
4 Committee members