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This page gives the latest information regarding the status of our competitions, as well as what each Pony Club sport is currently planning. You may also wish to check out the following pages:

  • Latest Updates - the latest information from our CEO, Marcus Capel
  • Help and Advice - advice from various bodies and answers to some frequently asked questions
  • Creative Activities - activity ideas for members, branches and centres, as well as links to shared resources

The Pony Club Sports’ responses to the Covid-19 restrictions

We have asked our 9 sports committees and their chairmen for a brief update on any non-mounted training or activity that is being promoted for their sport and what their possible plans might be for the season’s events. Of course, no one knows how long restrictions will be in place. Please see some of the ideas below:


  • Hobby-Horse and Dog Dressage tests are a couple of the innovative ideas that are being used by members to practice and devise dressage tests. The committee is exploring the idea of a "what the judge is looking for" video and developing ideas for rider fitness.
  • Looking ahead at the season, once riding is again encouraged, online competitions may be the first step if we still must follow social distancing guidelines and local / Area / Regional competitions organised if we are allowed to travel and gather in groups.


  • Focus for endurance will be rider fitness at this time of no outside activity.
  • The Euston Park Endurance Championships have been cancelled but the Endurance Committee is looking for venues for an alternative later in the year.


  • The Eventing Committee have been sending in relevant quiz questions on the rules etc, and lots of our top event riders have submitted photos of them during their time in Pony Club - Tim Price’s mother sent some from New Zealand!  
  • Regarding post-lockdown: the main focus will be getting members’ horses and ponies fit and there will be plenty of coaching sessions to organise by Branches, Areas and Centres. We are hoping some form of eventing will be able to take place later in the summer.

Mounted Games

  • Members are challenging each other getting through tyres, throwing socks in buckets and designing team colours. All about keeping fit and keeping their eye in.
  • The Mounted Games Committee is planning ahead for when the current restrictions are eased and we hope to run some form of competition during the summer, including qualifiers for HOYS which, at this point, is still planned for.


  • The Polocrosse committee are currently creating and sharing some online activities and short videos of members training and practising particular skills.
  • In terms of competitions, we would have to consider horse fitness and see how quickly we could actually run any proper competitions but our area coordinators will be very keen to start training sessions and things like fun chukkas as soon as possible. 


  • Plans are for members to be able to take their Rules Tests online. There are also draft rules for "Lawn Polo" with no ponies.
  • Getting back to competition will rely on the fitness of ponies and the guidelines on social distancing and travel being lifted.

Pony Racing

  • An online Google Classroom has been expanded with lots of resources to promote Pony Racing and increase members’ knowledge
  • We don’t know when racing will resume but hope to get some activity during the summer and autumn.

Show Jumping

  • Members are creating their own on-foot show jumping courses in living rooms and gardens and some are getting hobby horses prepared and fit.
  • Competition this summer may be more branch or centre based, we will be monitoring the developing situation closely.


  • The Tetrathlon committee is exploring the improvement of our online training materials to include range safety and shoot coaching.
  • We are also discussing a variety of options for later in the year, should circumstances permit, including a ‘Celebration of Tetrathlon’ competition to replace our Championships, if Area Qualifier competitions cannot proceed.