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This page gives the latest information regarding the status of our competitions, as well as activity ideas that members can still engage in. You may also wish to check out the following pages:

  • Latest Updates - the latest information from our CEO, Marcus Capel
  • Help and Advice - advice from various bodies and answers to some frequently asked questions
  • Sports and Competitions - updates on the status of Pony Club competitions and information on what each sport has planned

Creative Activities and Competitions

If you are looking to take part in some fun competitions look no further!

The results are in for the Write2Ride competition.

We were astounded by the response receiving over 450 entries! It is great that this competition attracted Pony Club members from 4-25 years old. We had submissions from Centre and Branch members from all over the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man, this was a truly inclusive competition. Due to the huge number of entries all prize winners should be extremely proud of their achievement, the standard was very high.

We would like to extend huge thanks to the sponsors for their generosity, as well as the judges Penny Grubb, Danuta Kot and John Fairley who were great at reading the many submissions. A big thank you must also go to Pippa Ireland who organised this competition and offered such a fantastic opportunity to members.

To view the list of winners please visit: We hope everyone enjoys their selected prize, there was certainly a big list to pick from!

Entries are now closed for the "Equestrian Hopes and Dreams" Art Competition.

We have received some truly great pieces of artwork this year and the number of entries has exceeded our expectations, we have topped our records since this competition was launched in 2013! It is great to see our members additional talents, alongside their riding. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to enter.

The judges will now begin to look at all the work, and those selected for the finals will be informed within the next month. Keep an eye out here and on our social media pages for updates.

In the meantime, follow this link to see historic and current entries, it will be time well spent! You can view them here on our Art Competition Website

This competition was fantastic, with spectacular entries. Our members decorated their ponies and hobby horses so well. The judging was very hard and there was stiff competition to reach the championships!

Alan Davies struggled to decide on the champions, but congratulations go to all those listed below:

Overall Pony - Champion: Sophie and her pony Lily from the Area 5 Branch Braes of Derwent and Reserve Champion: Issy from Area 11.

Overall Hobby Horse - Champion: Bradley from Area 11 Centre, The Stables At Cissbury and Reserve Champion: Evie M from Area 11.

Class 1 - Section A: Pony Section - 1st: Phoebe (Area 5), 2nd: Tristran (Area 11)

Class 1 - Section B: Hobby Horse - 1st: Bradley (Area 11), 2nd: Arabella (Area 11)

Class 2 - Section A: Pony Section - 1st: Sophie (Area 2), 2nd: Imogen (Area 11)

Class 2 - Section B: Hobby Horse - 1st: Evie M (Area 11), 2nd: Evie B (Area 5)

Class 3 - Section A: Pony Section - 1st: Issy (Area 11), 2nd: Heulan (Area 3)

Class 3 - Section B: Hobby Horse - 1st: Daisy (Area 3), 2nd: Jason (Area 11)

Class 1 Section A
Winner - Phoebe (Area 5)
Class 1 Section A
2nd: Tristran (Area 11)
Class 1 Section B
Winner: Bradley (Area 11)
Class 1 Section B
2nd: Arabella (Area 11)
Class 2 Section A
Winner: Sophie (Area 2)
Class 2 Section A
2nd: Imogen (Area 11)
Class 2 Section B
Winner: Evie (Area 11)
Class 2 Section B
2nd: Evie (Area 5)
Class 3 Section A
Winner: Issy (Area 11)
Class 3 Section A
2nd: Heulan (Area 3)
Class 3 Section B
Winner: Daisy (Area 3)
Class 3 Section B
2nd: Jason (Area 11)

The Scrapbook Games were 5 days of fun!

There were 2 games to play every day, you could choose your favourite or do both, when completed they were stuck in a personally designed scrapbook. By the end of the week everyone created a great reference tool to hold all their horse and pony knowledge!

If you didn't have time to play and build your scrapbook, you still can. To access all the games visit: and scroll down the page. If you can’t find your password, email us with your membership number and we will send it through.

Staff have been working really hard to create the peer sharing platform “The Pony Club Shared Resources”. We are using Google Drive to save and share ideas and resources. All branches and Area Reps have an existing Google-based email which will give them access to the suite of Google apps. Centres and coaches will need a Google account to access this drive and we will be working over the next few days to develop the permission to allow access. In the meantime, we would ask that people support each other and share their expertise and develop our community resource. Go to and log in with the branch email and click the “Shared Drives” tab.

We plan to share these alternative activities across social media, so please do take photos and post with the hashtag #PonyClubCarryOn so that we can share nationally some of the great ideas and fun you are all having.