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Members Insurance

The Pony Club insurance policy is provided by Howden Insurance Brokers Limited.

All Members of The Pony Club are covered by our insurance policy. It is strongly recommended that you review the information below regarding our policy.

Please read through the documents below to understand the full terms.

Insurance Product Information Document 2022
PDF - 80 kB
Pony Club Members Liability Insurance
PDF - 805 kB
Pony Club Evidence Of Insurance
PDF - 820 kB
Members Insurance FAQs
PDF - 76 kB

Claim Form

Members: Click here for members accident form link

Please complete this form if you are a member or the parent/guardian of a member and you would like to report an incident that has occurred outside of a Pony Club activity and which may result in a claim against you. 

What is the process when somebody wants to make a claim against me?

  1. Request the Claimant to put their allegations in writing to the parent/member detailing why they believe the member is legally responsible for the damage.
  2. Do not admit liability as this may prejudice the Pony Clubs Insurers position.
  3. Next, the member/parent is required to complete, in full, the online claim form (see above).
  4. Attach the Claimant’s letter to this claim form.
  5. Submit the form.

 From here, the insurers will take the claim forward following their internal processes.