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Your Role at The Pony Club

Parents play a vital role in their child's Pony Club journey - from supporting and guiding their progress, to volunteering at local events. The following guidelines should be followed by parents/guardians:

  • be a positive role model for your child and other members
  • respect coaches, officials, volunteers, members and other parents
  • remember that the main aim of The Pony Club is to teach fairness over competitiveness
  • teach members to show sportsmanship, teamwork and supportiveness
  • use approriate conduct at all times, including on social media channels
  • promote the wellbeing of members and their ponies ahead of winning

A code of conduct for parents and guardians with further details is available to download below.

Code Of Conduct For Members
PDF - 128 kB
Code Of Conduct For Parents & Guardians
PDF - 111 kB